When and where to use your scanner


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HomePatrol-1 is a revolutionary new communication and scanner tool that keeps you up to date on all the latest news, emergencies, military, weather reports and more. Whether it's across the road or across town, you’re in the know.

  • Ease of use

HomePatrol-1's revolutionary new touch screen and zip code locator make it incredibly easy to zero in on the information you want to hear. It's as easy as entering your zip code. Watch the HomePatrol-1 demo or see what channels are available in your location or any zip code that interests you.

  • No subscription fee

HomePatrol-1 receives the same signal used by the agencies themselves. There are no service fees or other connect charges involved. Simply turn it on and start listening.




    Quick and easy touch screens for entering your information and selecting functions.


    Just enter a zip code to find the channels available in that area.


    Set your location through zip code, city, GPS or you can have HomePatrol-1 automatically determine location using a patent-pending search algorithm.

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