Display Screen Gallery

See more screen captures below to learn more about HomePatrol-1's operation

Main Monitoring Screen

Agency Information

Lets you see at a glance the Agency, Department, and Channel you are monitoring.

On-Screen Controls

Let you quickly access the features you'll use the most. Just tap the desired control to apply the feature or to bring up a function menu.

Context Side Menus

Give you quick access to control HomePatrol-1's operation. From avoiding systems, channels, or departments you don't want to monitor to adding channels to Favorites Lists, we could not have made it any simpler.

Quick Hold

Just Tap on a System, Department, or Channel to hear only those comms. Tap again to return to normal monitoring

Easy Setup

Easy-to-navigate menus

Lets you quickly get to the options you want.

Multiple Setup Options

You can set your location using Zip Code, City, GPS or even have HomePatrol-1 automatically determine its location using a patent-pending search algorithm. For precise location, connect a GPS or manaully enter your latitude and longitude coordinates.

Hear What you Want

Hone HomePatrol-1's seletion by picking just the types of agencies you want to hear. By default, HomePatrol-1 picks Fire, Ambulance, and Law dispatch channels, but explore to hear even more!

Product Gallery

See exterior pictures below to learn more about HomePatrol-1's operation

Left Side

Plug in to your computer to download the latest firmware.

Standard wall charger for power and recharging.

For the optional GPS accessory receiver.

Right Side

Standard headphone jack.

Provides fixed-level audio for recording into your PC.


Turn the device on or off.

Increase or decrease volume.